Vacancies at Avenue Healthcare – March 2024

Pharmacy Manager


To provide high quality care that exceeds our clients’ expectations.

Key Responsibilities

  • The pharmacy manager will perform the following people management duties as guided by Avenue HR policies and in coordination with the HR Department.
    •  Efficient utilization of Pharmacy techs, pharmacy clerks and pharmacy assistants- Liaise with the Medical Services Manager to ensure optimal staff levels as well as efficient use of overtimes and locums.
  • Ensure staff daily task / shelf allocations for inventory management, Emergency trolley medication management, daily / random counts, variance and expiry monitoring to achieve optimal stock management and tidy shelves.
    • Identify training gaps and liaise with HR and medical quality team to facilitate training
    • Participate in the recruitment, interviewing and hiring pharmacy personnel
    •  Ensure all pharmacy staff undergo orientation, training and competence assessment checks
    • Manage Rota, leaves and absenteeism as per HR policies
    • Ensure staff within the pharmacy units are highly motivated and minimize staff attrition rates by
    • Regular staff engagement and monthly departmental meetings
    • Promptly addressing staff concerns – Identify and deal with personnel issues in a proactive and timely manner, with appropriate follow up as necessary
    •  Reward, Recognition and Discipline
    • Ensure that deserving staff are recognized/rewarded
    •  Disciplinary action (with proper cause) is undertaken without undue delay and per defined policies
    • Staff supervision: Responsible for supervising all pharmacy staff (Pharm techs, clerks and assistants) and evaluating performance.
  • Manage and lead the Pharmacy Units (Outpatient, Special Clinics and Inpatient) in the provision of safe, timely, efficient, effective and patient-centered pharmacy services and operations
    • Implement safe medication use processes in all the pharmacy units
    • Develop and / or maintain operational and quality policies and procedures
    • Ensure compliance to the pharmacy policies, procedures and pharmacy manual
    • Ensure compliance to regulatory and accreditation standards
    • Ensure timely and appropriate drug returns / recalls and treatment sheet reviews.
    • Serve as the pharmacy leadership team liaison to interdisciplinary team members for areas of responsibility (e.g., nurse managers, specialists, medical quality, etc.).
    • Monitor Turn Around Time of service and intervene when necessary
    • Perform duties as a member of the hospital clinical governance committees as guided by the committees Terms of Reference
  • Ensure that Avenue Corporate Governance policies are adhered to.
    • Prevent, detect, and report any fraud or criminal activity
    • Fully review and ensure implementation of audit recommendations
  • Ensure optimal Financial Management of Pharmacy services
    • Stock Management:
      • Physical Inventory count / Stock takes daily for high value items and monthly for all items in all pharmacy units, wards, Surgical and consumables stores, theatre and other area with pharmacy items.
      • Maintain optimal stock levels to achieve a target of 15-21 inventory days without stock outs
      • Perform accurate and timely stock variance reporting with justifiable reasons prior to approval and adjustments
  • Target zero expiries and stock losses
    • Prepare a monthly report for pharmacy based on KPIs
    • Check margins monthly for items to ensure target margins are attained
    • Develop plans and lead efforts to improve financial performance in assigned areas of responsibility
  • 5.    Ensure highest quality of care and service in the Pharmacy units:
    • Supervise the drug preparations for high alert medication and extemporaneous preparations & compounding e.g., dermatological preparations and syrups
    • Ensure appropriate storage of pharmacy items with temperature & humidity monitoring and in compliance with other policies including Hazmat items handling
    • Ensure appropriate disposal of pharmacy items as per PPB and COHSASA requirements
    • Monitor compliance to care protocols, guidelines, pathways, and standard treatment guidelines
    • Review and act on quality indicator reports and implementation of QIPs as assigned by Medical services Manager.
    • Incident Management: Ensure all incidents/events are recorded and reported within 24 hours using the provided tools and implementation of corrective actions.
    • Ensure proper documentation for medication labelling and use – treatment sheets, order sheets
    • Maintain and enforce infection control standards within the pharmacy units.
    • Ensure implementation of medication policies to prevent medication errors
    • Ensure all Pharmacy and medication use as per COHSASA Standards are maintained at all times
  • Patient satisfaction and confidentiality:
    • Ensure patient satisfaction through quality of care, communication, and collection of feedback from patients as determined in the KPI using the standardized patient satisfaction in the pharmacy units.
    • Always maintain client/patient privacy and confidentiality
  • Any other duty as assigned by your immediate supervisor in line with the job description

Person Specification

  • Bachelors in Pharmacy (BPharm)
  • A valid Kenya Pharmacy and Poisons Board (PPB) practice License
  • Updated BLS certificate
  • Leadership & Management certificate/degree
  • Not less than 3 years’ experience in Pharmacy Management
  • COHSASA or other Accreditation experience
  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills
  • Attention to detail

Theatre Technician


  • To provide high quality care that exceeds our clients’ expectations.

Key Responsibilities


  • Assist the anesthetist and the nurse in the recovery room to accurately take and record Temp., Pulse, Resp., B/P
  • Observe other vital signs & report changes in patient condition immediately.
  • Immediately reports abnormalities the Theatre Nurse and documents on the patient file.

Patients Care

  • Assist with the transfer of patients to theatre in time for operation.
  • Ensure smooth and safe transition of patient back to the ward from Recovery Room / Theatre
  • Ensure patients’ needs are met promptly.
  • Ensure patients safety in a clean and tidy environment.
  • Communicate courteously and professionally.
  • Documents and keep patients’ medical information confidential.

Theatre Duties (Intra-Operation)

  • Avail all necessary instruments, sutures/drugs and equipment.
  • Assists the doctors and anesthetists during the operation per AHC theatre policies.
  • Ensure calm and order at the time of operation.
  • Setting up individual machines for different operations.
  • Report immediately in case of a faulty machine to the Nurse In- Charge
  • Ensures all gases are available before commencement of any operation.

Post Operative Care

  • Ensure clear airway and proper patient positioning.

Infection – Control

  • Observe sterility methods during operations.
  • Practice proper methods of infection control.
  • Demonstrate thorough knowledge of disinfectants used.
  • Ensure proper cleaning and disinfection of the theatres after every procedure.
  • Ensure proper waste disposal per Avenue Hospital standards.


  • Ensure all instruments are scrubbed and oiled as per schedule.
  • Ensure all the sets are up to date while packing.

Any other duty as assigned by the supervisor in line with the job description.

Person Specification

  • Certificate in Theatre Technicians
  • Not less than 2 years’ experience as a Theatre Technician
  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills
  • Attention to detail.

Pharmacy Store In-Charge

Key Responsibilities:

  • Generate automatic L.P.Os as per set schedule and ensure they are sent to respective suppliers on time.
  • Ensure accurate receiving, counter checking and co-signing of the invoiced orders and delivery notes as per sent L.P.O and that the brands delivered tally with the respective brands indicated on the L.P.O
  • Ensure that drugs with an expiry less than six months are received with a Letter of Undertaking and returned to the supplier if not consumed within the 6 months.
  • Ensure that the out-of-stock list is sent by the respective suppliers and liaise with the stock controller on alternative suppliers to avoid stock outs.
  • Ensure that the pharmacy store has adequate stock levels at all times.
  • Ensure timely, accurate and 100% processing of departmental automatic requisitions. If the hospital management system is down, issue manually ensuring that the items are documented on the manual book, countersigned by both parties and that they are transferred as soon as the system is back.
  • Ensure that all processed automatic requisitions orders are correctly removed, counter checked by at least one clerk and the in charge and a copy issued for filling.
  • Inform the respective departments on available brands if the specified brand is out of stock.
  • Generate the short expiry and the dead stock list every month and inform the Stock Controller and the Pharmacy Manager
  • Ensure that the daily counts, spot counts, monthly stock takes are done and give a timely, accurate report with valid explanation on variances and expiries to the Pharmacy Manager for approval of adjustment by the Stock Controller.
  • Ensure that all stock movements including goods received, goods returned, purchases from petty cash, inter-branch transfers are captured in the HIS real time.
  • Ensure that all inter branch transfers are checked, packed with the printed copy and are correctly documented at the Transport department for delivery to respective location.
  • Ensure that the DDAs are dispensed as per the laid down policy, checked weekly and any discrepancies reported to the Pharmacy Manager for approval of adjustment by the Stock Controller.
  • Ensure that the fridge temperatures are charted twice daily and any error reported to relevant department.
  • Ensure timely and accurate entry of invoices into the hospital management system and that they are well stored to be checked and dispatched to Finance/Accounts by end of the month.
  • Ensure a well arranged pharmacy store that is neat with a presentable workstation.
  • Drugs/surgical items expiry management;
    • Ensure shelf allocation for monthly checking of expiries and communicate to the Pharmacy Manager
    • Enhance FIFO/FEFO by the use of green stickers on short expiry drugs and share the short expiry to the department in charges.
    • Ensure that expired drugs are documented, quarantined, and disposed as per the PPB regulations.
  • Ensure that Avenue corporate governance policies and procedures are adhered to.
    • Prevent, detect and report any fraud or criminal activity.
    • Fully implement audit recommendations and attain satisfactory ratings in subsequent audits.
  • Maintain and enforce infection control standards when handling and disposing broken items.
  • Client satisfaction;
    • Ensure client satisfaction through high quality of service, effective communication, prompt feedback and escalation of any unresolved issues to the relevant person for follow up.
    • Ensure that the standardized tool for patient satisfaction feedback is filed for measurement, follow-up and improvement.
  • Maintain patient privacy and confidentiality at all times.
  • Ensure adequate knowledge and implementation of all Avenue policies, procedures and systems as outlined in the HRMIS.
  • Ensure timely escalation of any urgent out of stock items to the Pharmacy Manager for manual purchase approval.
  • Ensure that any issue pertaining to quality is escalated to the Pharmacy Manager.
  • Any other duty as assigned by your immediate supervisor in line with the job description.

Person Specification:

  • A diploma in Pharmacy.
  • A valid pharmaceutical technologist license,
  • A certificate in procurement/supply chain will be an added advantage.
  • Not less than 3 years’ experience in Pharmacy Store Management
  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills
  • Attention to detail.

Care Manager


To provide high-quality care that exceeds our clients’ expectations.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Conduct daily in-patient rounds of the specific scheme beneficiaries admitted in the hospital.
  • To ensure timely and appropriate admission, diagnosis, and treatment, care of patients and advise the hospital and the corporate accordingly.
  • Ensure only authentic pre-authorizations are issued for clients seeking medical services in collaboration with the clinical medical team.
  • Draw monthly reports for specific corporate clients inclusive of trends, analysis, market intelligence for improved business development.
  • Liaise daily with other concerned units especially credit control and clinical department to seek amicable solutions to problems related to our billing and invoicing system.
  • Conduct a regular review of the case process to identify gaps to enhance profitability as well as efficiency and effectiveness in the case management process.
  • Enhance customer experience – establish and maintain good relationships with external and internal stakeholders such as underwriters, brokers, agents, and policyholders.
  • Source, analyze and provide relevant information to the management for further decision-making.
  • Support development of a preventative care program through health talks, wellness, that is a key value proposition to the hospital business chronic disease management program.
  • Prepare the business reports on a daily or weekly basis as and when need be.
  • Ensure incidents are documented by respective staff and discussed with the head of department at all times.
  • Attend inter-phasing departmental meetings and convene meetings every fortnight to identify gaps in care coordination in order to improve services.
  • Collaborate and coordinate with other departments, Consultants and other Clinicians to improve overall health service delivery in the department.
  • Conduct continuous impact assessments and identified the most appropriate strategies to bridge established gaps in order to enhance efficiency in service delivery.
  • Induction of new staff working in inter phasing departments as per the departmental/unit procedure manuals.
  • Continuously improve on the hospital business NPS.
  • Any other duty as assigned by the supervisor in line with the job description.

Person Specification:

  • A BScN in nursing and administrative training
  • Valid Kenyan nursing practice license.
  • 3 years proven experience as a care manager.
  • In-depth knowledge of health and safety guidelines and procedures
  • Extensive knowledge of insurance policies
  • Knowledge of legal regulations and best practices in healthcare
  • Excellent knowledge of emergency care
  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills

Theatre – Unit Manager

Key Responsibilities:

  • Ensure proper inventory of the available equipment on a daily basis and ensure that they are in good working condition. Report any malfunction to Bio-Medical Technician/Unit Manager.
  • Ensure the unit is financially viable and demonstrate growth through: a. Offering quality care to patients and ensuring good working relationship with our stakeholders.
  • Record all sentinel incidents/events and report within 24 hours using the provided tools.
  • Maintain and enforce infection control standards per the hospital manual and observe the infection control bundles (SSI, VAP, CAUTI and CLABSI) where applicable.
  • Daily compilation of government reports and submitting them to the Unit Manager (leprosy, cholera, maternal deaths etc).
  • Active participation in ward rounds and receive handover reports from the outgoing nurse on shift.
  • Proper documentation of patient notes and review; consulting with fellow clinicians, consultants when need be.
  • Ensure that all diagnostic requests (lab and radiology) have patient’s clinical information.
  • Ensure patients safety following the 6 International Patient Safety Goals (IPSGs) (patient identification, effective communication, safety of high alert medication, ensure correct site procedure and surgery, reduce the risk of healthcare associated infections, reduce the risk of patient harm resulting from falls).
  • Ensure patients safety following the 6 International Patient Safety Goals (IPSGs).
  • Provides patient and family education/teaching applicable to the patient’s medical condition.
  • Provides patient and family education/teaching applicable to the patient’s medical condition.
  • Provides patient and family education/teaching applicable to the patient’s medical condition.
  • Organize emergency trolley for easy use during resuscitation, drugs and supplies are well stocked, damaged equipment is removed and reported promptly. A checklist should be kept and updated on the 1st and 16th of every month, and as needed.
  • Update doctors/consultants on patient’s progress and any critical values as soon as they are available.
  • Ensure all the relevant consultants have explained procedures and have obtained consent.
  • Complete official checklists for all patients prior to procedures (theatre, radiology, renal).
  • Ensure patient privacy and confidentiality is maintained at all times, as per policy.
  • Participate in emergency response.
  • Drug administration:
  • Adhere to the 10 rights of drug administration (right patient, medication, dosage, route, time, documentation, client education, assessment, evaluation and client refusal of treatment.)
    • Submit all new drug orders to pharmacy promptly and STAT doses given within 30 minutes.
    • Keep D.D.A. drugs safe and drug register properly per unit requirements.
    • Ensure all verbal prescriptions should be signed within 24 hours by the respective doctor per the hospital policy.
    • Ensure all treatment sheets have patients biodata including information on drug allergies.
  • Any other duty as assigned by your immediate supervisor in line with the job description.

Person Specification:

  • A nursing higher diploma Perioperative, desirable Bachelor of Science in Nursing
  • A valid nursing council of Kenya license and registered as a Perioperative Nurse
  • Up to date BLS, ACLS/ATLS certificate
  • Not less than 3 years’ experience in Theatre Management
  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills
  • Attention to detail.

Duty Manager – Nursing

Key Responsibilities:

Operational Oversight:

  • Coordinate and supervise all operational activities during night shifts, including nursing, administrative, and support staff.
  • Ensure compliance with hospital policies, procedures, and regulatory requirements throughout the night.
  • Ensure adherence to quality standards.
  • Address any issues or concerns promptly and effectively, escalating as necessary to senior management.
  • Investigate accidents/untoward incidences at the night and inform the relevant manager.
  • Participate in the development and implementation of policies for the improvement of patient care and safety.
  • Ensure equipment uptime of >99% for all clinical and non-clinical equipment.
  • Ensure service uptime of >99% for all clinical and non-clinical services.
  • Ensure product availability as per service standards.
  • Ensure robust enterprise risk management practices.

Patient Care:

  • Monitor patient care activities to ensure quality standards are met and patient safety is maintained.
  • Collaborate with nursing staff to address patient needs and resolve any issues that arise during the night.
  • Assist in patient transfers in collaboration with Nursing Services Manager (NSM), Finance, and the relevant managers.
  • Inform the NSM & MSM of high-risk and sensitive patients.

Emergency Response:

  • Act as the primary point of contact for emergencies during coverage, coordinating response efforts and communicating with relevant stakeholders.
  • Implement emergency protocols as needed, ensuring a swift and effective response to critical situations.

Staff Management:

  • Provide leadership, guidance, and managerial support to shift staff, fostering a positive and supportive work environment.
  • Conduct regular rounds to assess staff performance, provide feedback, and address any concerns or issues.
  • Evaluate workload and staffing levels and, where required, allocate or re-assign resources to meet demand.
  • Assist in staff development through bedside teaching, skill checks, mentoring, and appraisal.

Communication and Collaboration:

  • Facilitate communication between night shift staff, other departments, and senior management to ensure seamless coordination of activities.
  • Collaborate with senior managers, other duty managers, and department heads to address cross-functional challenges and promote organizational objectives.

Person Specification:

  • Bachelor’s degree in nursing or a Diploma in Nursing with a Higher National Diploma in a nursing specialization.
  • Postgraduate qualification in healthcare management or related will be an added advantage.
  • A valid nursing council of Kenya license.
  • 5 years of continuous clinical experience.
  • Minimum of 2 years’ supervisory experience.
  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills.
  • Attention to detail.

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