Trade Operations Assistant at Technobrain – May 2024

Trade Operations Assistant


We are seeking an experienced and results-driven Trade Operations Assistant who will assist with trade operations processes of the business.

Required Skills & Experience:


  • A bachelor’s degree in any field related to Business, banking, and Importation.
  • Minimum 5 years of experience in managing trade operations and imported goods or any related/similar position.
  • Professional in using charts and making analysis reports.
  • Excellent communication skills & relations with all banks and full awareness of new banking rules that might arise.
  • Solid understanding of financial management & banking & central bank policies and procedures.
  • Fluent in the English language whether in reading, business writing and especially in international correspondence & professional emails.
  • Experience in international trade contracts in a way that secures and guarantees company rights.
  • Full awareness of Cost, Insurance, and Freight (CIF) and all international shipping agreements used in the transportation of goods between a buyer and a seller.
  • Full awareness of all kinds of documents related to import and banking with laws and regulations.
  • Full awareness of bank transfers & Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) according to new laws and any new laws that might arise.
  • Full awareness of customs taxes according to new laws and being always of any updates that might arise.
  • Full awareness of customs & tax rules and regulations for best implementation methods.
  • Full knowledge and awareness of different types of shipping whether through air, land, or sea according to the type of goods with consideration to speed, cost, safety & Freight Cost.
  • Full awareness of the central bank of Kenya rules and policies including but not limited to Interest Rates, Inflation Rates, Official Exchange rates & credit facilities.
  • Good Understanding of general finance and budgeting, banking facilities, loans, L/C’s and best practices for companies small & big projects.


  • Assist in the trade operations processes, documentation, systems and interface with relevant internal and external counterparts.
  • Assist in the preparation, review, editing of contracts and addendum to commercial standards and business expectations.
  • Issue and manage Letters of Credit for purchases and sales – tracking and resolving any arising issues.
  • Coordinate and manage contract/ trade re-cap/ shipment planning & LC execution with suppliers, logistics operations teams.
  • Assist in daily trade operations and resolve any contract/ shipment and LC related issues.
  • Assist in resolve quality-claims (off spec), partial loading (dead freight), non performance or default (cancellation), delay or postponement, and any other contract related problems in coordination with suppliers/customers.
  • Work with the Trade Operations Manager to manage tenders (procurement/sales) participation – prepare required documentation and arrange prepayment, earnest money, performance bond as applicable.
  • Assist the Trade Operations Manager by providing monthly shipping reports, and other insight reports and analysis for management to monitor and grow the business.
  • Assist in maintaining an active dialog with customers and suppliers to ensure smooth and accurate execution of product contracts.
  • Assist in ensuring all operations are carried on in an appropriate, cost-effective way.
  • Improve operational management systems, processes, and best practices for all operational activities on importation and banking.
  • Arrange shipping details, import licenses, customs declarations, shipping, and routing of product.
  • Expedite import arrangements and maintains current information on import tariffs, licenses, and restrictions.
  • Ensuring that all operational company practices and day to day operational work are complying.
  • Identify gaps with Import compliance manual, recommend and implement improvements.
  • Assist with cross-functional projects related to import transactions.
  • Develop, manage and maintain strong mutually beneficial relationships with external stakeholders

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