Parts Associate – Automotive at Flexi-Personnel – May 2024

Parts Associate – Automotive


  • The Parts Associate will play a vital role in driving new business generation, seeking new clients, markets, and business opportunities, with a primary focus on aggressively acquiring and outsourcing vehicle spare parts merchants and inventory onto the online marketplace across all car model parts and all geographies to meet the demands of the growing customer base. This client-facing role requires a deep understanding of the automotive market, exceptional communication skills, and a proactive approach to business development.


Aggressive Acquisition and Aggregation:

  • Drive the aggressive acquisition and aggregation of a diversified spare parts merchant base on the SparePap platform.
  • Map out spare parts merchants across different brands, car makes, part types (used, brand new, refurbished, etc.), and merchant tiers.

Platform Liquidity:

  • Ensure the platform remains liquid in terms of the availability of spare parts for the mass market.
  • Maintain a good relationship with merchants and provide support to enable them to sell online.

Cataloging and Pricing:

  • Ensure enlisted spare parts are accurately cataloged, priced, and updated regularly.
  • Ensure that SparePap maintains highly competitive prices, aligning with or surpassing market rates, through ongoing engagement with an extensive network of merchants and skillful negotiation for favorable pricing.


  • Aggressively and efficiently outsource spare parts from different merchants, negotiating for the best prices.
  • Manage client expectations during the outsourcing process, ensuring clear communication and alignment on delivery timelines, quality, and pricing.
  • Collaborate effectively with the customer service and telesales team to facilitate seamless order fulfillment and address any customer queries or concerns promptly.
  • Coordinate the outsourcing process efficiently by collecting and organizing data required for outsourcing different categories of spare parts, including but not limited to brand new, used, and various types of parts.
  • Ensure compliance with company policies and standards in the outsourcing process, maintaining high-quality standards for all sourced spare parts.
  • Provide regular updates to the customer service and telesales teams regarding the status of outsourced parts, expected delivery times, and any potential issues that may impact customer satisfaction.
  • Implement best practices in outsourcing procedures to optimize efficiency and minimize lead times.
  • Collaborate with merchants to secure accurate product information, including specifications, compatibility, and condition, to enhance the online catalog and customer experience.
  • Continuously evaluate and enhance the outsourcing strategy to improve cost-effectiveness and increase the diversity of spare parts available on the SparePap platform.

Merchant Management:

  • Oversee regular updates of merchant inventories on SparePap.
  • Collaborate with merchants to maintain a comprehensive database of vehicle spare parts.
  • Implement regular pricing updates, reflecting market dynamics.
  • Monitor adherence to operational procedures by merchants for timely order dispatch.
  • Collaborate with logistics for streamlined and timely operations in order fulfillment.
  • Develop and implement effective processes for swift resolution of product returns while collaborating with merchants to minimize returns through quality control measures.
  • Liaise with Parts Manager and finance for timely payments to merchants.
  • Negotiate and advocate for better credit limits balancing the needs of SparePap and interests of merchants.
  • Foster strong relationships with merchants serving as the primary point of contact for addressing queries and escalating issues.
  • Actively seek feedback to enhance the merchant experience on SparePap.

Communication and Coordination:

  • Communicate effectively with managers, customer service, and telesales colleagues on vehicle after-sales management processes, car makes, parts, and their origins.
  • Coordinate with the customer service and telesales team to ensure efficient and effective order fulfillment in the outsourcing process, ensuring quick turnaround times.

Market Understanding:

  • Understand the local market in the assigned region with a focus on business drivers and issues that impact sales performance.
  • Analyze market trends for competitive pricing strategies.
  • Identify business improvement opportunities and make recommendations to the direct supervisor.

Reporting and Documentation:

  • Provide timely weekly activities, reconciliations, status reports, and learnings to the company.
  • Maintain daily visibility on actions and results.

Capacity Building:

  • Undergo rigorous capacity building to refresh knowledge on car parts andtechnologies available for different car models
  • Position SparePap as the preferred marketplace for car parts through continuous learning and expertise enhancement.


Sourcing Efficiency & Part Availability:

  • Ensure that 95% of requested parts are successfully sourced from suppliers within 1 hour.
  • Maintain a part availability rate of 95% or higher for top-selling parts.
  • Minimize instances of out-of-stock situations for high-demand parts to less than 5% of total orders.
  • Ensure that 95% of enquiries on parts availability and prices are fulfilled within 2 hours
  • Aim for an average response time of less than 30 minutes for enquiries.

Competitive Pricing:

  • Keep the average pricing of parts competitive compared to market standards, ensuring prices are within 5% of competitors.
  • Monitor pricing fluctuations weekly and adjust prices accordingly to maintain competitiveness.

Return Rate:

  • Keep the return rate of parts sold through the platform below 2%.
  • Reduce the return rate by 20% compared to the previous period by addressing quality and description issues.

Supplier Performance:

  • Maintain a supplier performance rating of 90% or higher based on factors like reliability, quality, and pricing.
  • Monitor supplier delivery times and ensure at least 90% of deliveries are received on schedule.

Inventory Management:

  • Ensure inventory levels are optimized to meet demand

Accuracy and Reliability of Reports:

  • Ensure that 95% of reports generated are error-free.
  • Achieve a report generation timeliness rate of 100%, meeting all set deadlines.


  • Bachelor’s degree in marketing, sales, or a business-related.
  • Knowledge of Mechanical Trade is an advantage.
  • Previous maintenance experience within heavy industry, especially transportation.
  • Excellent geographical knowledge for merchant mapping and logistics.
  • Excellent listening, negotiation, and presentation skills.
  • Proactive with strong client management abilities.
  • High Emotional Intelligence and enthusiasm to motivate a team.
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills.
  • Time Management and Analytical skills.
  • Decision-Making Skills with Integrity and Commercial Awareness.

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