National Individual Consultancy – Social and Behavior Change – Immunization at UNICEF – May 2024

National Individual Consultancy – Social and Behavior Change – Immunization

Under The Technical Supervision Of The SBC Specialist And Working In Close Coordination With The Health Specialist And County Focal Points, The Consultant Will Provide Timely SBC Technical Guidance And Support The Successful Implementation Of Integrated Routine Immunization SBC Activities. The Main Activities Include The Following

  • Review the GAVI CDS3 proposal, Kenya, strategy documents, plans, result framework, performance monitoring plan and recent county data and map SBC activities, bottlenecks and capacity gaps and develop a roadmap for providing technical guidance and support across the country.

Support counties and implementing partners to undertake/ analyze existing county situation/problem assessment and a communication (participant, behavior and channel) analysis to inform the design, review and formulation of county SBC implementation plans.

  • Orient the County Health Management Team and implementing partners on SBC and provide technical guidance/support in developing/reviewing, implementing, coordinating, monitoring and reporting on county SBC plans.
  • Working with CHMTs and implementing partners, explore and promote a social accountability mechanism for improving immunization reporting.
  • Contextualize the communication and advocacy interventions by creating county county-specific messaging matrix and support the development and dissemination of county-based IEC packages.
  • Co-ordinate with UNICEF partners and consultants to ensure the communication and mass media content is running on media platforms, including the community radios (Digiredio) ensuring complementary two-way community engagement both on air and on the ground while mobilizing community members to utilize routine immunization services by disseminating clear, credible and consistent multi-media messages.
  • Support NVIP disseminate the Routine Immunization communication guidelines, RCCE and interpersonal communication guide and other key NVIP documents.
  • Participate in GAVI and NVIP coordination meetings within UNICEF and at the county level as appropriate and report back on the key SBC issues and action points.
  • Facilitate documentation and dissemination of good practices and lessons learned.
  • Prepare monthly reports, and a final consultancy report including progress on SBC outcome(s), lessons learned, gaps and recommendations.

Expected deliverables
The Consultant Will Provide The Following Deliverables

  • Work plan, results framework, and monitoring plan for integrated Routine Immunization.
  • Messaging matrix and IEC packages for integrated SBC dissemination plan.
  • SBC Capacity building plans for counties and partners
  • SBC Capacity building implementation report.
  • Mass Media campaign, execution and demonstrated utilization of community radios and IPC.
  • NVIP national SBC strategy
  • Documentation of good practices, and facilitation of videography, where required
  • Final consultancy report, summarizing SBC achievements in each county, lessons learned, gaps and recommendations.


  • Review NVIP strategic documents, plans, recent county immunization data, map SBC activities, bottlenecks and capacity gaps and develop a work plan/roadmap for providing technical guidance and support.

Work plan, results framework, performance monitoring plan. Quality assurance of partner activities
1st June to July 31st

  • Identification of youth and religious partners to mobilize communities and create demand for immunization services

Program Documents (PDs) developed with local Youth groups and religious groups.
County Directorate of Health and Education and implementing partners develop ACSM/SBC action plans and Capacity building plans.
1st August to September 30th

  • Support NVIP in the dissemination of the Gender and Immunization report and finalize (ready for Print) IPC guide, RI Communication guide, and RI guide for CHPs and ensure the integration with C-19 and PHC is aligned.

Disseminations Conducted – including printing and distribution of Communication job aids.
Field work -Data Collection and Analysis
Behavioural Science report
October to November 2024

  • Capacity building of county, national, and implementing partners. This includes a BeSD assessment and a communication (participant, behaviour, and channel) analysis to inform the design and formulation of county SBC plans.

Capacity building Report finalized.
Setting up a social accountability/SBC work plan for RI
December 2024 to January 2025

  • As appropriate, participate in Immunization coordination meetings within UNICEF and at the county level and report on the key SBC issues and action points.

Monthly progress reports capture issues, gaps, actions, and recommendations.
# of counties with communication action plans
Media Plan
# of counties with communication action plans
February to May 2025

  • Convene a national meeting with all vaccine service providers and implementing partners and share the vaccine roadmap for partner compliance and support.

National Meeting Report
Final consultancy report
June to
July 2025
Desired Competencies, Technical Background And Experience

  • Advanced university degree in social and behavioral science, sociology, anthropology, psychology, health, communication or another relevant technical field.
  • At least 8 years of professional work experience in a technical position in Social and Behaviour Change Communication and other relevant areas
  • Proven expertise in Social and Behaviour Change planning, coordination, implementation, monitoring and reporting.
  • Knowledge of local health system context, immunization and zero-dose communities to ensure alignment with the government system & community engagement.
  • Insights into social–political dynamics will contribute to effective communication.
  • Prior experience working with the government, UNICEF or UN Agencies.

Knowledge/ Expertise/ Skills Required

  • Able to promote collaboration among key stakeholders in the face of pressure and tension among stakeholders.
  • Strong advocacy and analytical skills to understand immunization data, anticipate changing priorities and identify solutions, openly sharing knowledge, insights and effective practices.
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills in English and Kiswahili
  • Knowledge and versatility in message and materials development
  • Proven skills and experience in SBC capacity assessment and development.
  • Ability to work independently, within tight deadlines, ensuring attention to detail and following through.
  • Willing to travel frequently within Kenya as per UNICEF travel rules, regulations and procedures.

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