Employment opportunities at Nature Conservancy – May 2024

Foodscape Innovation Specialist


Are you looking for a career to influence the transition to regenerative food systems for people and nature?  We are looking for you.  We are looking for a data professional to lead our scaling strategy. You will apply data science to extract and integrate knowledge (from CHEF five pillars of regenerative practices, market systems, capacity, policy and finance) to guide the development of new producer & foodscape Innovation Hubs.  You will lead a structured process founded in policy, to identify and implement immediate next steps, arrive at cost projections for different scaling scenarios.  You will be the main contact point for the entire Agriculture Strategy for Monitoring, Evaluation, and Learning (MEL) and the TNC Integrated Data Management Database (HUB).

Specific Roles and Key Responsibilities:

  • The principal role (70%) of this position is to lead the utilization of data models to make strategic decisions in solving complex agriculture-conservation problems:
    • The core role is to extract knowledge from large data sets and apply the knowledge and insights from those data to guide CHEF’s transdisciplinary five pillars.
    • Lead the coordination of data management among TNC partners, TNC strategies/ programs, and develop products and plans for the CHEF scaling strategy.
    • Execute the CHEF monitoring and evaluation plan, ensuring that projected actions are taken.
    • Collaborate with the CHEF Field Coordinator, Africa Ag. Ecologist, TNC MEL specialists to gather data on the scaling process and put in place a learning continuous adaptation plan for CHEF.
    • Ensure the process of validation and development of producer hubs & foodscape Innovation Hub (FIH) from initiation to full-scale feasibility.
  • Work directly with the Africa Ag. Ecologist to bring to visibility advances in CHEF field regen portfolios using analytics, presentations, and social media product designs.
  • Contribute to drive the CHEF portfolio and investment decisions using data analytics, necessary for private sector participation work closely with internal and external MEL partners.
  • Leverage overall TNC conservation portfolio data along with CHEF partner data to create a detailed analytics plan tailored for strengthening Agriculture Strategy pathways to 2030 Goals.
  • Reviewing and contributing to recommendations of action plans in collaboration with other CHEF staff as required.
  • Assessing partner organizational technical capacity required to fully implement the CHEF, including making recommendations on how to bridge any gaps.
  • May work in variable weather conditions, at remote locations, on difficult and hazardous terrain and under physically demanding circumstances.


  • BSc degree in statistics, business statistics, behavioral/development economics, business administration or equivalent degree.
  • 5 years’ experience in scaling, program development, partnerships, or management consulting.
  • Experienced in data management skills, analytical, leadership, intellectual curiosity, and partnering skills.
  • Experience in developing and implementing monitoring and evaluation plans, including working with partners to undertake collaboration, learning and program adaptation activities.
  • Experienced in data analytics and visualization tools e.g., Power BI and/or Tableu.
  • Experienced in making and executing project decisions.
  • Experience in indirectly influencing or managing senior leaders across multiple organizations.
  • Agriculture or conservation experience is preferred.
  • Mastery of systems such as Agile, Oracle ERP, and cloud software.
  • Experience working in technology with some experience e.g., in SaaS enterprise software or equivalent.
  • Experienced in using technology in creating records, sourcing, executing, and nurturing strategic partnerships.
  • Experienced with problem solving and decision-making processes.
  • Collaborative with other team members to achieve sound outcomes.
  • Experience managing complex or multiple projects, including staffing, workloads and finances under deadlines.
  • Supervisory experience, including motivating, leading, setting objectives, and managing performance.


  • MSc degree or a combination of training in statistics or business statistics and behavioural/ development economics or business administration.
  • Multi-lingual and multi-cultural or cross-cultural experience appreciated.
  • Over 7 years’ experience in agriculture-environment field or equivalent combination of education and experience.
  • Demonstrated experience in the utilisation of complex data sets to plan and adapt agriculture-conservation projects, and to influence, develop, and implement related policy.
  • Knowledge of current trends and practices in agriculture-conservation discipline and regions.
  • Ability to work effectively and pragmatically under pressure within a variety of simultaneous competing initiatives and issues. Track record of success negotiating complex partnerships with varying interests.
  • Knowledge of methods and standards of biodiversity information systems and initiatives or related field.
  • Communicating clearly via written, spoken, and graphical means in English and other relevant languages.
  • Demonstrated experience or knowledge in fundraising.
  • Politically savvy.

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Africa Partnership Manager


As Partnership Manager, you will strategically support TNC’s country and program leads in the stewardship of partnerships.

Strategic Support and Oversight:

  • Provide essential support to country and program leads in the execution of the Partnership Engagement Strategy, reinforcing its principles in the cultivation and sustenance of partnerships.
  • Facilitate the development and management of Conservation Partnership Agreements, ensuring they promote shared ownership, growth, and reciprocity.
  • Conduct alignment sessions that assist the country and program lead align their partnerships with TNC’s values, offering strategic insights to realign efforts as needed.
  • Work closely with the Africa IPLC Strategy Director to maintain a strategic overview of partnership health.

Partnership Enhancement and Learning:

  • Offer guidance in identifying and managing strategic partnerships that support TNC’s conservation objectives.
  • Play a leading role in aiding country offices and programs within the Africa Business Unit to sustain healthy and effective partnerships.
  • Collaborate with leads to link partnerships explicitly to projects or programs, reinforcing TNC’s broad conservation mission.
  • Provide strategic recommendations to the Africa IPLC Strategy Director on partnership opportunities and growth potential.
  • Supporting accurate recognition of partners’ contributions in reporting and communications.
  • Contribute and share learnings and experience across TNC.

Strategic Communication:

  • Ensure open lines of communication are maintained with all partners, facilitating the sharing of updates, challenges, and triumphs.
  • Encourage a culture of trust, collaboration, and adaptive management, enhancing the capacity of country and program leads in their partnership engagements.
  • Advocate for recognizing and integrating each partner’s unique perspectives and skills, promoting an exchange of knowledge and resources that benefits all parties.

Monitoring and Strategic Evaluation:

  • Develop strategic metrics to assess the vitality and impact of partnerships.
  • Periodically review and improve partnership dynamics, ensuring they are in continual alignment with TNC’s conservation targets.
  • Incorporate feedback to refine the effectiveness and strategic focus of TNC’s partnership engagements.


Minimum Qualifications:

Your role as the Manager demands a unique blend of skills and experiences that resonate with the multifaceted nature of TNC’s partnerships:

  • BA/BS degree and 7 years of experience in conservation practice or a related field, demonstrating a capacity for leadership in conservation or partnership management.
  • Experience in partnership development with non-profit partners, community groups and/or government agencies.
  • Demonstrable experience in building trust and acknowledging the history and voices of Indigenous Peoples and Local Communities in previous conservation efforts.
  • Experience managing complex or multiple projects, including coordinating staff, workloads, and finances within deadlines.
  • Experienced in working collaboratively and adaptively within dynamic and complex environments, adjusting strategies to meet evolving partnership needs.
  • Demonstrated experience in fundraising or securing resources for conservation or environmental initiatives.
  • Leadership and Supervisory experience, including motivating, leading, setting objectives and managing performance.

Desired Qualifications:

  • Advanced degree and over 7 years of experience in conservation practice or a related field, demonstrating a capacity for leadership in conservation or partnership management.
  • While fluency in English is essential, additional fluency in French, Portuguese, or any local languages spoken within TNC’s countries of operation in Africa would be highly beneficial.
  • Ability to organize and facilitate stakeholder workshops and meetings at multiple levels. Ability to mentor, train, engage sensitively with leaders and staff, and influence without direct reporting authority.
  • Proven track record in developing, managing, and nurturing strategic co-creative partnerships within the conservation sector or closely related fields.
  • Skills in negotiation with diverse groups, including non-profit partners, community groups, and government agencies, are desirable.
  • Exceptional ability to communicate clearly and effectively verbally and in writing to build trust and foster collaborative relationships with diverse stakeholders.
  • Multicultural or cross-cultural experience, with an appreciation and respect for cultural differences and the ability to navigate and bridge diverse perspectives.
  • A deep commitment to TNC’s values and a passion for impactful conservation work.
  • Ability to develop practical applications of scientific concepts and technical innovations for conservation purposes.
  • Knowledge of methods and standards of biodiversity information systems and initiatives or related field.
  • Politically savvy with an understanding of the socio-political dynamics within the conservation landscapes of Africa.

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