Deputy Logistics Coordinator at Medecins Sans Frontieres (MSF) – May 2024

Deputy Logistics Coordinator

Main Purpose

Supporting the Logistics Coordinator through delegated tasks and responsibilities, replacing him/her in his/her absence, and participating and collaborating in the implementation of the logistics strategies and support to the field in accordance with MSF protocols, standards, and procedures in order to enable the development of the mission and optimize the impact of the medical projects.


  • Participating actively in the definition and monitoring of annual project planning and budgets and the Emergency Preparation Plan, defining strategies, and advising the Logistics Coordinator in the translation of the identified needs into objectives, priorities, and resources needed for intervention
  • Defining, monitoring, evaluating, and ensuring the implementation of the strategies and activities in the mission of the following activities, as defined in the delegated tasks, according to MSF standards, protocols, and procedures
  •  Construction and rehabilitation, transport, ICT, communications, vehicles and engines, equipment, installations and infrastructures, etc. Including the installation and maintenance of functional office space(s) and lodging facilities in an adequate living conditions and all the equipment required as well as the proper use and maintenance of IT computers, soft wares, backups, etc., and the communication tools and means in the mission
  • Stock and supply of medical and non-medical materials
  • Water, health, and sanitation activities
  • Planning, supervising, and implementing, in close coordination with the HR Coordinator, the associated processes (recruitment, training, briefing/debriefing, performance evaluation, detection of potential, development, and internal communication) of the staff under his/her responsibility in order to ensure both the sizing and amount of knowledge required
  • Ensuring technical support to his/her team as well as, Mombasa and SKID, and to all other teams in the mission
  • Defining and monitoring the technical aspects of the risk reduction policy, transport, communication, protection, identification, and preparation of the technical aspects of the mission security policy and guidelines, evacuation plan and contingency plan, performing day-to-day monitoring of the application of security rules and reporting to the HoM of any problem
  • Representing MSF in meetings with Authorities and other NGOs at the request of the Logistics Coordinator
  •  Performing tasks delegated by the Logistics Coordinator, as specified in his/her job description

Operational support

  • Draft and review the SOPs, CSPs, and standardization of any technical family and validate them with Logistics Coordinator and Operational department.
  • Guarantee the safety and security implementation, and well-being of both, colleagues and beneficiaries within our premises and supported structures as per the MSF standards and requirements (in relation to IPC, hygiene, security, and accessibility).
  • Award guidance in the budget preparedness for both, Mid Year Review  and Plan Of Action, and all the means for the preparation of any technical activity are reviewed accordingly (fundamentals, BLS).
  • Liaise with Logistics  supervisor and manager, to maintain accurate tracking and updating of TMS as related to all assets, and also ensure the efficiency of the TMF.
  • Foresee the integration of the planetary health approach into the technical families, mainly the motorized fleet, energy, and Wash management.
  • Oversee the administration management of the motorized fleet in collaboration with SKID and the RPO (regional Protocol Office).
  • Pursue the project monthly report analysis, the progress and technical aspects of the work, to provide guidance to the field team.
  • Ensure the EPREP logistics storage fits the medical scenarios (cholera, measles, dengue, natural hazards floods, IDPs) related to the mission context, and guarantee its replenishment upon each intervention’s closure, when required by LogCo.


  • Advise, coach, and supervise the technical team (ISS, GIS, Log Supervisor, and Wash manager), including the logistics team of Mombasa and SKID
  •  Undertake and validate any HR structural change within the supervised logistics team (creation or removal of any position) as per the workload of the project/mission.
  • Participate in the drafting of any administrative documents and processes (recruitment, MI, JD, objectives, and appraisals) for the team under his/her supervision.

Applied security

  • In collaboration with the logistics  at the project, all passive and active security means are implemented, controlled, and adapted to the context at any time given as per our PSSP and MSSP.
  • Followup all security changes into the context and report to LogCo and Ops to strengthen operational strategic plans and also the contingency, hibernation, and evacuation plans when essential.
  • Act as the security lead person in the absence of the LogCo to guarantee the progress of the operations while reducing the risks, and to brief new colleagues.


  • Education: Essential technical/logistics degree/diploma
  • Experience: • Essential working experience of at least two years in relevant jobs experience with MSF or other NGOs in developing countries
  • Languages: English and Swahili
  • Knowledge: Essential computer literacy (word, excel, ERP and internet)


  • Strategic Vision L2
  • Leadership L2
  • eople Management and Development L3
  • Service and Orientation L3
  • Teamwork and Cooperation L4

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