Customer Success Lead at Workforce Africa – March 2024

Customer Success Lead


  • The Associate Customer Success Lead is the liaison between the company and our customers. The Associate Customer Success Lead will be responsible for ensuring that all our customers have a positive experience with our solutions and services from the moment they become aware of them to the day they decide to make a purchase all the way to when they are using the solutions.
  • The Associate Customer Success Lead will work closely with the CEO in leading cross-functional teams and for the success of software products and features from their conception, development, marketing and support. This means creating synergy among the different teams to achieve the overall goals of the organization.
  • The Associate Customer Success Lead will be expected to embrace and employ the most efficient and effective marketing and business development strategies and customer service and inspire a cultural philosophy that promotes creativity, innovation, excellence, collaborative communication, teamwork and pro-activeness at the workplace.


  • Working closely with the Lead Software Engineer in product development and prioritizing customer needs.
  • Leading the Marketing Team and coordination of the execution of marketing and business development plans.
  • Working closely with the Project Administrator in scheduling all company projects
  • Leading, coaching and empowering the customer success team to be successful in their roles
  • Leading the customer success team in programs (email content, webinars, podcasts, webcasts etc.) for users on how to use the company’s solutions and services effectively
  • Closely working with QA in creating and maintaining customer satisfaction surveys that gather feedback from customers about their experience with the company, as well as in tracking bugs and change requests.
  • Closely working with the R & D team in ensuring that all company solutions are properly tested and test results documented.
  • Coordinating with other departments within the organization to ensure that customers receive optimal service at all times
  • Identifying potential client concerns and offering solutions to resolve them
  • Identifying opportunities for growth or improvement in customer satisfaction and implementing solutions where possible.
  • Interacting with clients on an ongoing basis to build relationships and foster loyalty
  • Providing support to clients during emergencies by answering questions or resolving issues as they arise
  • Having regular meetings, either virtual or physical, with both prospective and existing clients to discuss their needs and progress towards goals
  • Preparing weekly consolidated reports on Marketing, QA and Customer Success activities and sharing with the CEO on a timely fashion.


  • Experience: At least 2 years of experience in a similar role.

Educational Background:

  • Degree in Computer Science, Software Engineering, Information Technology, Business Information Technology or related discipline.


  • The associate customer success lead needs to be able to communicate effectively with our customers. This includes the ability to listen to their needs and concerns and respond to them in a way that is helpful and informative. The associate customer success lead also needs to be able to communicate with other members of our teams, including R & D, Marketing, Customer Success and Office Support teams.


  • Leadership skills is required to help the Associate Customer Success Lead motivate our team and encourage them to achieve company goals. The Associate Customer Success Lead should be able to use her/his leadership skills to help our team develop customer service strategies, improve their communication with customers and increase customer satisfaction. Leadership skills may also help the Associate Customer Success Lead advance in her/his career in the company.


  • Since the Associate Customer Success Lead will work with the customer success team to solve customer issues, she/he can use her/his problem-solving skills to identify the source of a customer’s issue and propose solutions to resolve it. This will help the company improve its customer service and increase customer satisfaction.

Time management:

  • The Associate Customer Success Lead will also have to manage multiple projects at once. This may include managing marketing plans, customer inquiries and analyzing data. It’s important for the Customer Success Lead to have the ability to manage her/his time effectively so she/he can complete all of their tasks.

Product & Technology knowledge:

  • The Associate Customer Success Lead needs to have a thorough understanding of the solutions and services the company offers as well as the technologies used. He/she should be able to answer customer questions about products and services and direct customers to the right resources if they need more information. The associate customer success lead should also be familiar with the company’s SLA (Service Level Agreement)

Business Process Knowledge:

  • The Associate Customer Success Lead needs to have a thorough understanding of the different company procedures, policies and processes and strive to achieve the best and most consistent results.

Industry Knowledge:

  • The Customer Success Lead needs to have information about how the industry where the company’s products serve functions. This includes understanding the core processes in the healthcare industry, hospitality and retail business.
  • It is important for the Associate Customer Success Lead to have:
  • Knowledge of the company’s relationship with the market, competitors and suppliers.
  • Information about customer needs and types of customers

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