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An African non-profit organisation based in Kenya but working in various parts of Africa. We work in transparency, accountability and citizen engagement to achieve two main things. #ResponsiveGovernment & #Active Citizenship

It’s all about active citizens and responsive governments!

We promote government transparency and active citizenship by providing cutting-edge tools, ideas, knowledge and policy support to everyone that supports this cause.


We are working towards open societies that informed, fact-driven citizens manage.

Citizens are at the heart of functioning societies, and all development activities should be oriented toward the citizens. In these open societies, the government proactively shares information with the public. It has built systems that enable consistent engagement with the citizens. Citizens work together to engage with the government and other duty-bearers to provide direction on developing their communities sustainably.


We work with governments to promote responsiveness using data.

We collaborate with government departments and agencies to provide tools, policy support and knowledge that enable transparency and citizen engagement.


In addition, we support civil society organisations, community-based organisations and citizen groups in ways that empower their citizen active participation.

Our Programmes

We are working towards an open society driven by well-informed, fact-driven citizens. In that world, governments are proactively transparent and they have built systems to better listen to their citizens. In turn, citizens are active in using data and their voices to direct how the development of their communities.

The State of the World

We are fast approaching the 2030 milestone for the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

As we approach the 2030 milestone for the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), it becomes increasingly evident that the global community may not achieve the set targets.

This fact is most prominently seen in Africa’s rural locales and lower-income neighbourhoods, where the number of people left behind has alarmingly increased. Poverty, poor health care, and education deficits, among other challenges, continue to deprive these communities of the chance to enjoy sustainable development and decent living standards.

Exacerbating these socioeconomic hurdles is the increasingly palpable climate change.

The erratic weather patterns have manifested in devastating floods, prolonged droughts, and unusual temperature fluctuations, leading to crippling impacts on agriculture and food security, particularly in already vulnerable regions. Climate change has exposed our shared vulnerability and highlighted the need for collective, urgent action..

What we care about

We deeply care about the state of the world and what we’ve learned from our work

We strongly need to work with as many people and groups as possible to focus our efforts on helping people have more control over their own lives. We believe this can happen when people have a chance to speak up, when help from the government and other groups reaches their homes, and when we measure success in a way that makes sense to them.

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