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Nexleaf Analytics is proud to be a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization. We are committed to creating the most robust and affordable systems that we can to support humanitarian projects across the world. By partnering with countries, we ensure our technologies serve the local needs and contexts.  Our vision is for global health solutions to be designed, financed, locally maintained, and scaled with data as the driving force and the user as the priority.

We have built a team of curious skeptics, public health experts, data lovers, social justice advocates, and forward-thinking computer scientists with a shared purpose of improving the design and delivery of public health solutions.

Our Values

We pursue the truth

We believe that getting to a more accurate understanding of the world – or a problem, a device, a dynamic, and so on – will always result in better outcomes. Investigating, understanding, and describing the truth are our core competencies and guiding principles.

We iterate

While we are laser-focused on the truth, we actively pursue social impact by acting upon our current understanding. Our operational decisions are guided by up-to-date information on the situation, needs, and on-the-ground realities. We bring our users into this iterative process with us as partners. We believe that this is how progress happens.

We embrace complexity

Once we focus on an impact area, we relentlessly investigate to understand known challenges and uncover hidden problems. With data as our entry point, we help design comprehensive solutions that actually result in the intended impact. We advocate with data to motivate others to embrace our complex point of view.

We work shoulder-to-shoulder

We work alongside others, from our end users to our donors, rejecting both entrenched social hierarchies and market-domination strategies. We do not view others as “beneficiaries” of our work, nor as “competitors” to our business, but rather as key partners – peers – in achieving shared goals.

We challenge the status quo

We strive to learn from our failures, and confidently share even our most dismal findings, because we are fully committed to helping identify effective solutions for any global problem we work to help solve. While it can be uncomfortable to point out fundamental problems embedded in global sectors, we recognize that acknowledging false assumptions and systemic flaws is crucial to achieving the intended impact.

We’re focused on impact

We are dedicated to achieving the end goals of our interventions, collaborating with public and private sector partners to drive complex global endeavors toward success. We care about achieving impact, not staking out Nexleaf’s role in it.

Our co-founders, Nithya Ramanathan and Martin Lukac, met as graduate students at UCLA and realized they had a shared vision: addressing global challenges using easily available and affordable sensor technology. How could real-time data support people in every country, even the most remote areas of the world, to improve human health?

Inspired by a desire to create change that would serve communities for generations to come, Nithya and Martin started Nexleaf in 2009. Working together in Nithya’s garage, they created a low-cost sensor that connected to the audio jack on a smartphone. This first-of-its-kind technology revolutionized the way data can be generated anywhere in the world to help inform public health systems.


Building resiliency into global health systems is essential to eradicating life-threatening diseases.

Our Goal

Providing actionable data insights to improve the efficacy, reliability, and sustainability of vaccine distribution in the hardest-to-reach places.

The Challenge

1 in 5 children still lack access to the basic vaccines they need, and that gap continues to grow.

Tremendous progress has been made to deliver vaccines to every child. However, the world has struggled to reach the final 20% of children. Loss of vaccines due to damage caused by ineffective cold chain systems is a major contributor to this global challenge. Vaccines must be kept between 2-8 degrees Celsius and deviation outside this range can render the vaccine useless. Keeping vaccines at the correct temperature from production to inoculation is no easy task. Most recently, even the wealthiest countries with reliable energy access, resources for new equipment, and robust supply chains have struggled to successfully manage the COVID-19 vaccine rollout. Where does this leave vaccine distribution in low- and middle -income countries?  By bringing data-driven solutions to cold chain management, Nexleaf partners with ministries of health to have visibility into vaccine storage and delivery so that everyone is protected.

Effective vaccine distribution begins with a reliable and affordable cold chain.

WHO & UNICEF joint statement revealed that 55% of health facilities in low- and middle-income countries had poorly performing or non-functional cold chain equipment. This means that the cold chain equipment in these countries is unable to adequately protect vaccines from damage due to temperature fluctuations. Such inefficiencies are costly to the health system, not just in terms of wasted vaccines but also missed opportunities for disease immunity. Without a significant focus on the way vaccine supply chain systems are designed, managed, and supported, they will continue to be a barrier to reaching everyone, everywhere. Nexleaf works to collect and deliver critical data that empowers health workers, informs ministries of health, and improves overall cold chain performance.

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