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Christian Health Association of Kenya (CHAK) was established in the 1930s as a Hospitals’ Committee of the National Christian Council of Kenya (NCCK).

In 1946, the Committee was changed to the Protestant Churches Medical Association (PCMA) which acquired autonomous legal registration. Its mandate was limited to the distribution of Government grants to protestant churches’ health facilities in Kenya.

In 1982, the Association changed its name to the Christian Health Association of Kenya (CHAK) with the broader mandate of facilitating the role of the Church in health care and healing.

CHAK is thus a technical support organization for member Church health facilities with core mandate in advocacy, lobbying, representation, health systems strengthening, programmes development, resource mobilization and capacity building.

CHAK organizational development and programmes are guided by six-year strategic plans. The MHUs, EXCO and Secretariat staff participate in the development of CHAK strategic plans and in policy making through the AGM and representation in EXCO.

Operationally, CHAK Secretariat plays a facilitative role by providing technical support, capacity building, coordination, advocacy and networking for its members. The MHUs’ core function remains health service delivery.

CHAK has attained steady organizational development by embracing a culture of continuous learning and partnerships. CHAK engages in partnerships with various national, regional and international organizations which provide experiences and technical support in organizational development and health systems strengthening.z

CHAK runs a wide range of health service delivery programmes with the goal of promoting universal access to quality health care. These include communicable diseases, Non-Communicable Diseases, Reproductive, Maternal, Neonatal Adolescent Health and Family Planning.

The CHAK network of health facilities ensures service delivery at all levels of the health system in 45 counties in Kenya.

HIV & AIDS Programme

CHAK has acquired a wealth of experience in implementing HIV/AIDS programmes over the years. We are currently implementing two major HIV programmes:

Reproductive, Maternal, Neonatal Health and Family Planning

Kenya has made notable progress in improving maternal and child health outcomes. However, despite the progress, disparities in the quality, accessibility and affordability of healthcare remain a major challenge, hence most vulnerable and deprived mothers and children are denied their right to survive and thrive. It is against this backdrop that CHAK is empowering its member health units to provide this vital service in their catchment populations.

Non Communicable Diseases (NCDs)

The CHAK NCDs programme focuses on education, awareness creation, raising demand for screening to increase early diagnosis, care and treatment, capacity building for health care wokers and access to quality, affordable medicines. CHAK is currently implementing several NCD projects.

Health System Strengthening (HSS) Partnership  

Partnership for Education of Health Professionals (PEP Project)

ICARE Initiative

ACCESS Project

Africa Clear Sight Partnership Project 

CHAK Health Systems Strengthening programme covers the following areas:

Development of building infrastructure

CHAK has over the years provided architectural support services to member health units which do not have resources to procure these services at commercial rates.

The support provided in this area covers whole or part of the scope of normal architectural services. These are client briefing and site investigations/evaluation, preliminary design, detailed designs and tender documents, pre-construction contract services, construction period services and post-construction period services.

Human Resources for Health management and development

CHAK provides technical assistance to Member Health Units (MHUs) to ensure accessible, available and quality Human Resources for Health (HRH). The CHAK Strategic Plan 2017-2022 envisions a responsive and effective human resources management and development system.

Medical Officer Internship program

Health Management Information Systems (HMIS)

Health Management Information Systems (HMIS) are one of the six building blocks essential for health system strengthening. These data collection systems are designed to support planning, management, and decision making in health facilities and organizations.

CHAK has enhanced its HMIS capacity, innovating and implementing several solutions.


Go here to view CHAK Membership Directory

Medical equipment procurement, repair and maintenance

The National Health Care Technical Services (NHCTS) is a medical equipment supplies and maintenance unit based at CHAK headquarters. The workshop offers a wide range of services to KCCB, CHAK, county and private health facilities around the country.

Governance and management capacity building

CHAK routinely builds the capacity of its member network in governance and leadership, covering areas such as financial management, resource mobilization, strategic planning and governance roles.
Go here to view CHAK Generic Governance Policy Guidelines for Hospitals
Go here to view CHAK Generic Governance Policy Guidelines for Lower Health Facilities

CHAK through its M&E Unit facilitates capacity building and mentorship of MHUs in the application and use of MOH-HMIS Data collection and Reporting Tools. Automation through installation of EMR and use of HMIS systems and MOH-DHIS2 has been scaled up to enhance efficiency and facilitate generation of reports.

Research through surveys, assessments, studies, data collection, operational research generate evidence that can be effectively used to inform policy, strategy and support advocacy initiatives.

The Health sector conducts periodic surveys and various assessments to track the health status in Kenya and identify gaps for systems strengthening. As a key player in the health sector, CHAK participates in the various surveys, assessments and studies that are conducted by the MOH. CHAK MHUs and projects generate service data which is collected, collated, analyzed and feedback provided through reports.

The use of such data in operational research informs strategy review and generates evidence and lessons that support advocacy.

Kenya has made a commitment on universal health coverage and the Government has expressed its commitment to introduce reforms in NHIF to expand medical insurance coverage with out-patient package, cover for non-communicable diseases and specialized services. Government has an ambitious plan of increasing the citizens enrolment into NHIF.

Sustainability of health facilities in the provision of health services remains a major challenge among health care providers in Kenya. Faith based health facilities depend to a large extent on out-of-pocket payment for services by users which is unreliable due to high poverty levels in most rural communities. There is need to diversify sources of funding and technical support.  CHAK is engaged in efforts to scale up resource mobilization through partnerships, linkages and business development.

Our strategies include:

  • Development of proposals and dissemination of information regarding potential partners/donors
  • Support accreditation of MHUs to NHIF health care packages and information sharing on Universal Health Coverage financing opportunities
  • Sensitize MHUs on alternative resource mobilization opportunities
  • Empower MHUs through Health systems strengthening and capacity building
  • Establishment of networks for linkages and collaboration with potential partners
  • Facilitate MHUs engagement with County Governments for inclusion in planning and resource allocation particularly commodities and health workers secondment

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CHAK Strategic Plan 2023-2028 

CHAK has been an effective advocate for its member health units for recognition, inclusion, action and support by Government and other health sector stakeholders. Due to our approach of nurturing strategic partnerships, value-based interactions and evidence-based advocacy, CHAK and its member health units continue to be recognized as major health sector players in Kenya.

Kenya Faith Based Health Services Consortium

Faith based health services in Kenya are coordinated through the Kenya Faith Based Health Services Consortium (KFBHSC) whose membership includes CHAK, KCCB, MEDS and SUPKEM. The Secretariat is hosted by MEDS and the current Chair is the General Secretary of CHAK.

Read more on the Kenya Faith Based Health Services Consortium

Partnership Framework (MoU) between the Government MOH, COG and KFBHSC

To formalize partnership with county and national Governments, the Kenya Faith Based Health Services Consortium steering of the development of the Partnership Framework (MoU) between the Government MOH, COG and KFBHSC which was signed by the Council of Governors Chairman and the Religious Leaders for the Faith Based Consortium on 20th November 2019.

County and national health sector engagement

County Governments play a key role in health services management and delivery. CHAK has developed a County Engagement Strategy to guide advocacy and engagement with counties. CHAK works consistently with County Governments in the country and has registered many successes in its county engagement activities over the years. Some of the recent successes are outlined in the current CHAK County Engagement Report.

CHAK maintains strategic partnerships with other key stakeholders in the health sector in Kenya including membership to network organizations in the private sector and civil society and FBOs. Our presence in the Health Sector coordination structures and technical working groups has been strategic and effective.

Regional and international partnerships and advocacy

As a leading FBO in the health sector in Kenya, CHAK is an active member of the Africa Christian Health Association’s Platform (ACHAP) and maintains active membership with WCC, EPN and CCIH for advocacy, networking and partnership engagement opportunities at the international level

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