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BOBU is a strange name in itself, isn’t it? However, as you have a bit of a laugh, take a moment to see that what lies behind it is a beautifully profound history as well. “ The African God Tree, which is The Baobab Tree, is one of the inspirations behind our name and logo. This may not be widely known, but Baobab trees are sacred to tribes such as the Hadzabe (the last hunting tribe in Tanzania) and to the Bushmen in Botswana. They pray, discuss tribal events and sing under the tree into the still of the night. In the morning, they collect honey for breakfast and enjoy boiled porridge made from baobab tree powder. If someone is injured, the leaves and powder of the baobab tree have homeostatic and anti-inflammatory effects that help.This tree not only represents the expansive and authentic culture of Africa, but it is also a symbol of Africa’s natural secrets. The Baobab is the oldest and most intriguing tree in Africa as it can live for up to thousands of years. Versatile and able to sustain its own ecosystem, it is a rarity in terms of how it flourishes and its choice of environments, just like BOBU. Shi Yingying, BOBU’s founder, set foot on the African continent for the first time in 2010. This was following an invite from a friend and Kenyan artist, Makena, who ended up introducing her to the magic of ‘Digitata’ (Baobab Tea). The fresh and slightly sweet lemon tasting tea resonated with her on a deeper level, as well as its significance to the African people. From that moment on, Yingying had forged an inextricable bond with this tree. Thereafter, she traveled to South, East,Western Africa and Madagascar on a quest to find African Baobabs, before finally setting up shop in the continent housing her beloved trees. BOBU AFRICA was born then, in 2014, as an innovative, nature, travel and lifestyle brand that hopes to reacquaint people with the holistic African experience through our media, travel program and lifestyle products. Our mission is to take root in the African continent like Baobabs, creating similarly solid foundations for sustainable business models.


We hope to reacquaint people with the African experience through our media, travel & lifestyle products and help us all strive for a better self and a more eco-friendly life. Our vision is to be the ‘go to’ nature, travel and lifestyle brand in Africa. This is represented in our logo that is inspired by the African map, people, plants and animals. It is also reflected in our brand philosophy ”Inspired By Nature”.


TRAVEL ^^^^^^^ Our travel design department specializes in customizing private high-end packages with some of our satisfied customers including renown entrepreneurs and other major personalities on the Forbes list. Designed packages by Bobu include climbing or team building on Mts Kilimanjaro, Ruwenzori and Kenya, running with the marathon champions, wilderness yoga & meditation, African savannah weddings, summer camp in Kenya, Rwanda & Uganda e.t.c. Corporate customers are also well catered for as we are proficient and have experience in tailoring conferences, award ceremonies and team building activities for major corporations such as Transsion holdings and Matrix. LIFESTYLE ^^^^^^^^^ ~Natural Beauty Bobu Africa is the forerunner in the sales or purchase of goods “Made in Africa” and distributed to the world. We started dabbling in these products in (as early as) 2014, maximizing the wabi sabi style of imperfection, impermanence, and incompleteness as an understated elegance. Bobu adheres to the life philosophy of nature, subtraction, and feedback, and selects the rustic simple beauties from nature and the happy works of African craftsmen for you. The products cover handicrafts, oil paintings, home decorations, stone carvings, bronze carvings, and ornaments from more than ten African countries such as Kenya, Rwanda, Zimbabwe, Nigeria, Ethiopia, Cameroon, Mali, Congo, Côte d’Ivoire, Ghana. Everything we have needed to survive, and thrive, has been provided by the natural world around us. Our recently reconstructed online shopping mall introduces gorgeous African lifestyle products to thousands of families, adding warmth to their home, while benefiting African entrepreneurs and artists. If you are an African interested in contributing to our ‘Bobu Lifestyle’ please be sure to get in touch with us so we can find a mutually beneficial way to get your African Lifestyle Products into a larger market. CCP- New African Cultural and Creative Industries ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ From the big five beasts of Africa to ancient rock painting patterns, from tribal culture to traditional symbols, Bobu has worked with local African artists to deeply explore the essence of Africa’s nature and culture, with IP construction as the core, to create a new influential and diversely African cultural creation. With the goal to reintroduce Africa, the cradle of humanity and a hub of culture and diversity that has long been unique from the rest of the world, the products involve illustrations, picture books, cartoons; and creative cultural products such as T-shirts, mobile phone cases, mouse pads, silk scarves, mugs, environmental bags, etc.


Professionalism and Dedication

All of our staff at Bobu Africa joined us due to their immense passion for nature and travel. Due to this we are always keen to explore any nooks or crannies that hold the mysteries of Africa. We take pride in our proficiency ,willingness to learn and customer service.  Our consultants ensure that they pay great attention to the finite details of your travel arrangements and make them into an executable SOP (Service Of Operation).

Creativity and Implementation

Bobu is a young team made up of creatives. We believe that the future of travel lies more in experiences, travel only acting as a carrier. More importantly travelling creates a sense of  social and personal growth, family togetherness, love, teamwork and more.   Within the Bobu team, we have professionals who have multi-industry backgrounds that span across travel, medicine, media, art and business investment among others. As a result, we are able to cross analyze and provide accurate and rare considerations.    We have successfully planned a number of varied travel itineraries such as; cycling with rhinos, trekking to see gorillas, running with the world marathon champions, enjoying yoga in harmony with nature and returning to natural meditation.

Responsible work and travel

We are advocates for responsible tourism and encourage our clientele to take part through our daily work with and in nature and the local community. With this in mind, all customers are provided with environmentally friendly bags made by local children during our charity work with them. This is in a bid to do our part in reducing our carbon footprint and general pollution. This way, we promote the learning and importance of wildlife and vitality of environmental preservation to all customers.  Additionally, we strictly prohibit any purchase or assistance given to clients in buying wildlife products as poaching is illegal in a majority of countries. Instead, find fun in making interesting and detailed wildlife manuals and using mostly biodegradable and recyclable products to stimulate more environmental protection.


We know that ‘Cash is King’ historically but lately it’s all about ‘Price and Value’ . Nowadays before travelling, this is everyone’s main consideration. Bobu Africa promises a very reasonable and competitive price. However, our primary focus relies on offering you the best ‘Value’ over ‘Price’ which is reflected in our ability to quickly draw out your implied preferences and our intimate consideration for location, landscape, transport and scenery. This cannot be compared to itineraries by competitors that are auto-generated. In addition, we implement your journey as a travel and experiences program that is not only restricted to our concern about the wildlife you view, but also the new activities and challenges you undertake. We are trained to surprise you with or tailor make for you unique activities as we take the daily conditions during your trip into consideration. We are the best team to guide you as you make ‘Memories in Africa’.


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